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AutoPSI Thermal Modelling (PSI Value) Calculator

Change the way you Calculate PSI Values

AutoPSI is a quick, precise, and user-friendly software for thermal modelling your construction junctions in minutes, saving time for you and your team.

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How it works


A Simple & Smart Thermal Modelling Tool for Construction Junctions

Using AutoPSI to simply model your thermal junctions can improve the default PSI value in your design. 

With AutoPSI’s dynamic simulation modelling, you can reduce the cost of meeting the building regulations on your project. Modelling accurate PSI values can help your project’s SAP rating and reduce the need for other energy-efficient measures in your development to pass regulatory requirements within the Building Regulations.


Building Thermal Modelling Software for the Construction Design Industry

Our dynamic simulation modelling software provides those completing SAP assessments for building design projects with reliable PSI values, delivered with greater accuracy and speed. 

It is also a valuable tool for those calculating mould and condensation risks in renovations. Similar to a thermal bridge calculator, our PSI value software for construction junctions is designed to streamline processes for:

  • Housebuilders
  • Architects
  • SAP assessors
  • Retrofit assessors and coordinators
  • Construction material manufacturers


Features & Functions

Designing buildings comes with many challenges, whether you’re a housebuilder, architect, SAP assessor, or part of a technical team.

There’s a lot to consider — from inserting the correct U-values and taking into consideration energy, heating, cooling, and thermal components to understanding how a simulation works and ensuring your building amends all appropriate sections to meet the standards that the Building Regulations require. AutoPSI simplifies this process for you with effective thermal bridging software to use as your dedicated PSI tool.

AutoPSI thermal modelling software is:

  • Exceptionally fast — Calculating PSI values in minutes
  • Intuitive & easy to use — With an interface that allows you to easily drag and drop layers and bridges
  • Fully customisable — Enabling custom junction builds and more
  • Reliable & accurate — Meeting self-accreditation in BRE 479 for 2D calculations
  • Fully online — Ensuring easy access, anytime and anywhere
  • Collaborative & practical — For seamless sharing of designs with the relevant parties

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Why Choose AutoPSI?

Do you need reliable PSI value & thermal bridging calculations?

With the removal of accredited construction details from the new Part L Building Regulations 2021, you can no longer design a building effectively without unique PSI values. If a default value is applied, this can be significantly lower than the actual PSI value of the building, which can affect whether it will meet compliance standards or not. But when you do a PSI value calculation with the right thermal analysis software, you can meet compliance on the first try while also saving a lot of time and energy.

With this emphasis on the importance of thermal modelling in construction, our PSI value calculator will determine the thermal heat bridge correction factors using the U-value and lengths of buildings, plus the thermal coupling coefficient L2D. With standards taken from BR497, our PSI value calculation allows for detailed inputs from U-values and other important building components, such as occupancy profiles, heating and cooling points, ventilation air exchanges, and more.

These specific values generated by our thermal junction modelling software will result in an accurate model of the building geometry for companies to understand how the building will function, design and alter the building in the form of occupancy profiles, implement new strategies, and pass assessments.

For PSI software you can trust, sign up for a free demo to try AutoPSI yourself and explore how our innovative PSI value calculator can streamline the thermal modelling process for you.

What is a U-value & Why is it Important?

A building’s thermal performance is an important aspect to consider … Continued