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Thermal modelling is more important than ever for construction projects. With the introduction of new regulations, construction businesses have a responsibility to improve thermal performance and reduce the risk of overheating in their building design. 

Accurate building thermal modelling allows project teams to make informed decisions for thermal comfort with ease and ensures the health and safety of future occupants.

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Thermal Modelling in the Construction Industry

Whether you are renovating, re-cladding, or starting your site from scratch, it’s important to use the right tools and software for this. When planning your construction project, you need to understand how much energy will be used throughout the process, and thermal modelling achieves this. Thermal modelling in the construction industry takes the following factors into consideration:

  • The dimensions of your building
  • Ventilation
  • Energy performance and efficiency
  • Mechanical services
  • The intended use of the new build

optimal thermal planning will require less energy use, resulting in decreased carbon emissions.

Thermal modelling is an important part of standard assessment procedure (SAP) calculations for building control because it will determine a building’s energy performance. The assessment considers elements like insulation, ventilation and heating and cooling systems.

Accurately calculating PSI for construction sites requires analysis using thermal modelling and SAP calculation software. Once this analysis of the available data is complete, you will understand whether the building meets regulations and produces a reasonable energy output, regardless of the season.

Benefits of Using Thermal Modelling in Construction

There are many benefits to using thermal modelling for your construction projects.

Meet building regulations

All construction sites have to follow several regulations in order to continue building and complete the project successfully.

Building regulation calculations with thermal modelling will ensure that you comply with Part L of the Building Regulations, which can be made more efficient with commercial and residential building software. With accurate PSI value calculations, you will gain building control approval in time, avoid legal consequences, and improve energy performance.

Environmental Efficiency

The UK government has set a timetable for new energy efficiency standards to lower carbon emissions without retrofitting, offering construction companies time to prepare for a 70-80% reduction in carbon emissions in 2025.

With the correct building regulations and SAP calculations in place, your construction project will reduce its carbon footprint and comply with the new standards. This is beneficial for the environment and also improves your company’s reputation. It has the additional benefit of increasing your building’s market value.

Cost Savings

Once thermal modelling software has been implemented, you can use that data to make your SAP calculations in the UK more accurate and efficient. The sooner these calculations transpire, the sooner you will have access to the thermal data and save money on energy bills.

Thermal modelling also lowers the immediate engineering costs and reduces material waste expenses throughout the manufacturing process. This helps avoid costly repairs and renovations after construction takes place.

Save Time

Calculating PSI for home buildings or commercial sites with our thermal modelling software can help you save a lot of time. Boasting built-in automation features and a variety of editable templates with customisable elements, our software simplifies modelling accurate PSI values.

This can help your project’s SAP rating and reduce the need for other energy-efficient measures in your development to pass SAP assessments. This helps streamline getting your building to market.

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Who Can Use Thermal Modelling Construction Software?

Thermal modelling software has been used across a wide range of industries. In the construction industry, it is primarily used by architects and engineers. These professionals find great benefits in the tool, as they can utilise it for testing their building’s thermal performance and making smarter decisions during design and construction.

While thermal modelling software is often known as architect’s software or house builder’s software, there are many professionals in the construction industry who can benefit from using thermal modelling software:

SAP Assessors

SAP assessors use thermal modelling to calculate the thermal mass parameter (TMP) of your building, which is the overall thermal mass of your property. SAP assessors can determine the indicative value of your building based solely on its construction, which includes the thermal elements. It’s important for your building to reach the highest possible value upon first inspection, and SAP assessors play a big role in determining this.

House Builders

A thermal house builder calculator will simplify determining the thermal performance of a home accurately. House builders can use this software to get accurate energy ratings and to measure how these can be improved.

This is important in the planning process of a building, as housebuilders will understand thermal performance from the beginning. This makes construction more efficient and cost-effective.


Architects can use thermal modelling software to help visualise and alter the flow of heat in a building. This grants architects the opportunity to find any possible issues with thermal bridging that might lead to overheating, which they can use to inform clients of potential risks in building design. This saves the construction company time by identifying issues in advance and reduces the risk of material wastage before building issues arise.

Retrofit Assessors & Co-ordinators

A retrofit co-ordinator assesses the energy practicality of buildings. They determine whether buildings are performing as well as they can in order to save energy and be more environmentally conscious. Using thermal modelling, retrofit coordinators can monitor and review the measures taken to make the building energy efficient and discover any gaps in construction.

Construction Material Manufacturers

Construction material manufacturers are responsible for providing the materials used in a construction site. Thermal modelling helps them understand which materials will perform best for certain sections of a building, as some materials offer different kinds of protection against extreme temperatures. Thermal modelling software can also help visualise and optimise the thermal efficiency of materials.

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AutoPSI: Easy-to-Use Thermal Modelling Software

AutoPSI, we understand how frustrating it can be to try calculating accurate construction PSI values. We designed our PSI value calculation software to streamline your thermal modelling and ensure your SAP calculations for new-build homes meet building regulations.

We simplify the modelling of custom junction details with a fully online, user-friendly tool. You can easily add or remove data components to ensure your company is energy efficient throughout the planning stage all the way through to project completion. Our PSI software discovers the best solutions for your business.

We have worked with many clients who have benefited from our construction contractor software and PSI value calculator. AutoPSI helps businesses in the construction design industry with their SAP calculations in the UK, resulting in tremendous time and money savings.

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